The fairy tale about Ay and Oy

In another time, the two good friends Ay and Oy lived on the islands in the cold Atlantic Ocean. They were not only good friends, they also shared their islands and fishing waters. They were known for taking good care of their families, parents and needing relatives. If one of them would get sick or passed away they decided that the other person should be responsible for the families and their lands and waters. It was in those days when mutual agreements were made through simple symbolic actions.

Ay and Oy picked up a little rock that was shimmering in the ground water of one of the islands. The rock was not bigger than an egg. In the light of the warm fire the two friends signed, in old fashion ways, a deal by putting a bit of blood from the tip of their fingers onto the rock. They divided the rock with a hammer. Oy took the little part of the rock since his land was somewhat smaller and Oy took the bigger one. Thereby the deal was final. In order for everyone to know about the deal, a big feast was arranged the following night, which lasted until the morning sun arise.

One day a messenger from Ays uncle, who lived on Island, showed up on the island. The uncle needed help to build boats and tempted Ay with big earnings. Ay discussed the matter with Oy and thereafter left on his journey abroad in tears. Years passed by and no one heard from Ay.

By this time, Oy had taken on the responsibility for both the families and the lands. Many years passed by and even though Oy did not think about his companion every day he missed his friend dearly.

After seven long years, a lonely man sailed towards the island and when he arrived he asked if he could sit down by the fire. Oy didn’t mind at all. When the light from the fire was gone, the man took out a small bag that he gave to Oy. Oy opened it and took carefully out something round and hard that made Oy cry unrestrained, since seven years of agony came over him. Just by feeling with his fingers on the round rock with uneven edges, he knew that the stranger was Ay and that he finally was back.

This resemblance, two parts of a rock, shows how modern identification works. A matchmaking of virtual symbols that recognize each other.

Ay and Oy has given the name to Ayoy, IT experts within digital identities. Join us on our journey, to build trust in accessible security.