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2014-10-02   John Allberg   Card_Verifier

We have just published version 1.5.1 of Ayoy Card Verifier.

  • Added support for external LastUpdate in CIAInfo.
  • Added rudimentory support for Elliptic Curves on Gemalto Classic.
  • Added card serial number formatter.
  • Added handling of FF padding in CPLC data.
  • Now uses WIX as installer.
  • Added support for user selection of card edge depending on ATR using app.config. Key is CardEdge{ATR}.
  • Better error handling when public keys cannot be retrieved.
  • Changed EDB references to Evry.
  • New installer which removes the need for a separate MSI.


  • Added support for EF.ATR within the PKCS#15 structure when the applet is not default selected.
  • Better error handling when EF.ATR exists but isn’t readable due to card rights.
  • Associated AVC extension to WinP15Parser.
  • The splash screen is now more “Ayoy”.
  • Added refresh button to refresh the selectable readers.


  • Added automatic parsing of select command responses (-parseselects) in APDUScriptPlayer.
  • Added RESET command.

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John Allberg

John har arbetat med elektronisk identifiering och e-legitimationer sedan 2000. Först på Posten eSäkerhet mellan 2000 och 2004, sedan på Telia mellan 2004 och 2008. Från 2009 är han konsult inom området och 2010 grundade han Ayoy tillsammans med Oscar Jacobsson.