Ayoy Joins FIDO Alliance

2014-05-25   Oscar Jacobsson  

Ayoy has today joined the FIDO Alliance as an associated member. Earlier this week, Visa took its place alongside Mastercard on the FIDO Alliance board, where they join Google, Microsoft, Samsung and ARM among others.

We see the work the FIDO Alliance is doing as the perfect complement to federated identity solutions like OpenID Connect or SAML. Neither OpenID Connect or SAML deal with use cases like provisioning or authenticating end-users, leaving this up to the individual implementation instead. These are in fact the core FIDO use cases, which can be handled either “passwordless” via the Universal Authentication Framework protocol (AUF) or together with a second hardware factor via the Universal Second Factor protocol (U2F.)

We look forward to figuring out how best to use FIDO in the Swedish market, for enterprise authentications as well as for citizen identification.

The specifications, along with an overview describing the protocols and use cases can be found here.

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Oscar Jacobsson

Oscar har arbetat med elektronisk identifiering sedan 1995, och med e-legitimationer sedan 2002. 2010 grundade han Ayoy tillsammans med John Allberg.