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Ayoy was founded in 2010 for the purpose of gathering the cream of the Swedish digital identity and smart card consultancy crop under one roof.

Our customers are mainly producers, suppliers or consumers of digital identities and smart cards.


Our product portfolio is designed to complement our consultancy services in order to enable even greater possibilities for cost savings and increased quality by automating time consuming and repetitive tasks.

Ayoy Card Verifier

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Card Verifier is an automated smart card quality assurance tool.

If you are a producer or supplier of smart cards, Card Verifier will help you cut delivery times and increase quality by automating otherwise potentially time consuming quality assurance processes. Automating the quality assurance process also helps ensure that it can be repeated after every change, no matter how trivial it may appear.

If you are a consumer of smart cards, Card Verifier will help you establish a quality baseline for your smart cards that can then be used to continuously validate the cards you order, so that you can be certain that they will work with your applications in your environment, which will help reduce the time needed for your acceptance test processes.

Card Verifier will also allow you to validate not only new cards from the same supplier, but also new cards from potential new suppliers as the need arises.


The services we provide are focused on our areas of expertise. They cover both specific implementations like the Swedish citizen identity cards and healthcare cards, as well as the more general technologies of smart cards, cryptography and digital identities.

  • Smart Cards and Citizen Identity Cards
  • IT Security Audits
  • Product and Service Development
  • Training


Ayoy is a corporate member of the OpenID Foundation. In addition to this we also have a number of less formal alliances with other companies in our line of business.

OpenID Foundation


These are excerpts from our latest blog posts. Click the author's name or the article's tag to read more by or about them.

Remissvar SOU 2019:14: Ett säkert statligt ID-kort – med e-legitimation

2019-09-13   John Allberg   web e-leg id-kort

Sedan 18 augusti 2017 har justitieråd Inga-Lill Askersjö lett en utredning om ett statligt ID-kort i Sverige. Den resulterade i SOU 2019:14 “Ett säkert statligt ID-kort – med e-legitimation”.

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Web Based Validity Check of Identification Documents

2018-12-29   John Allberg   web e-leg

Since the summer 2017 I’ve been the editor for a new technical specification for revocation check for identity documents. It was finally publiched in beginning of november with the name
“SIS-TS 45:2018 Web Based Validity Check of Identification Documents”

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Så kan du minska bedrägerier med BankID

Så här gör du som förlitande part för att inte låta ditt system användas för bedrägerier med BankID.

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